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Explore the universe inside your mind...

Are You Dreaming?

Welcome to, your online resource for mastering the world of lucid dreams.


Lucid dreaming is a scientifically verified and learnable skill that allows you to initiate and maintain conscious awareness during your dreams; to know that you are dreaming whilst dreaming. This skill allows you the possibility to direct and control your dreams. Think of it as a natural, virtual reality; it is both a skill and a 'place' where anything is possible.


Here you will find all the resources you'll need to set sail on the sea of dreams, brought to you by lucid dream educator and oneirologist Daniel Love.

A great place to start would be to check out our book, 'Are You Dreaming?'


To learn to lucid dream, you'll first need to master some foundational skills. Think of lucid dreaming much as you would the learning of a musical instrument; you can pick up the basics quickly, but true talent comes with much dedication and practice. Our guidebook, 'Are You Dreaming?' is designed as an all-encompassing tutorial, suitable for both beginners and experienced lucid dreamers alike. It offers you the fundamental foundations in your training.


This website acts as an extended resource for our readers. It's still early days, so expect continued updates as our readership expands.

Learn to lucid dream

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Unlock your dreams

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We're here to help you unlock your dreams. With over 20 years experience teaching lucid dreaming and a lifetime of personal experience as a lucid dreamer, Daniel Love is well-equiped to help guide you on your own journey of discovery.


We aim to approach lucid dreaming with honesty and from a practical, obtainable perspective. We'll not push any other agenda on you, you'll find no religious affiliations, nor "new-age" thinking. We're here only to share the joys of lucid dreaming as a wonderful, natural phenomenon of the human mind.

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